Botan Valley Ecotourism Project



75 percent of which is covered with the mountains, Siirt province's ecotourism potential was revealed in many reports prepared by the government institutions. All of these reports specifically stated that ecotourism activities should be initiated in the Botan Valley, which is only 7 km away from Siirt downtown. However, this potential has never been been activated as no work had been done before.

Specific Objective

To prepare ecotourism infrastructure in the Botan Valley.

Main Objective

To contribute to the development of Siirt by activating its ecotourism potential.

Project's Details and Results

Carried out under the Direct Action Support of the Dicle Development Agency (DIKA) in 2015, the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism's Siirt branch offices took part in the project as partners. A total of 7 hiking and 3 mountain bike routes were discovered and mapped in the Botan Valley, which was known by name, but not by its location in Turkish public. In addition, the wildlife in the valley was photographed. All these information was placed on the Botan Valley website prepared in 3 languages.

This project was also special because it was the first study on alternative ecotourism in Southeast Anatolia Region where DIKA operates.

Lessons Learned

Only the northern slopes of the Botan Valley were planned to be studied under the project. However, it turned out that the southern slopes had an ecotourism potential more than expected, and also the eastern parts of the valley should have been studied.

Supporters and Partners