I am Employed As Well



There were a lot of young girls in Siirt who had been trained in different projects before. Unfortunately most of these girls were still unemployed. We saw that if these girls combined their basic sewing/embroidery knowledge with computer training, their employability and thus the statues within the family would be increased.

Specific Objective

To increase the employability of women and young girls by teaching them on using of computerized embroidery machines.

Main Objective

To ensure that women and young girls are equal individuals in their families and the society.

Project's Details and Results

In partnership of Siirt Social and Entrepreneurial Women's Association and Siirt Governorship, gelder bult the Computerized Embroidery Workshop in 2013 to provide training to women and girls in the project with the support of the Ministry of Development's Social Support Program. Through the project, 16 women and young girls have learned embroidering motifs and pictures on cloth and Siirt blankets using computer controlled embroidery machines. Lawyers, doctors and other specialists were also invited to the courses to increase the knowledge of trainees on issues such as women's rights, social rights, women's and child health.

After the completion of the project, the workshop was offered for free use to the trainees. In this regard, the trainees started to make dowry and souvenirs for the people in their neighbourhoods by using the machines at the workshop and started to make income.

Lessons Learned

In the project, we could use only the patterns that had been already available on the computer. But since we did not have any training, we have not been able to produce new designs. In order to increase the efficiency of the project, we planned to teach embroidery design to young people who have sufficient computer and design knowledge in the future.

Supporters and Partners