• We are trying to get
    young girls' economic independence so that
    they are not married at an early age.
  • We are working to protect
  • We are working to
    protect Southeastern Turkey's

With 1 TL per month, you can help women to take small steps towards their big dreams.

Gelder's Principles

Society for the Advancement and Development of Siirt (Siirt'i Geliştirme ve Kalkındırma Derneği - Gelder) is a non-governmental organization carrying out projects to defend the rights of women, the disabled and the elderly in society. It aims to enable women to become respected individuals within their families and also societies by increasing their employment.

Gelder collaborates with public institutions in all its studies to assure the sustainability and thus increase the acceptance of its project results by the government.

Office Office
Office Office

Our Study Areas

Gelder focuses on right based studies.

Ensuring women's collective participation in the society.


Protecting the wildlife of Southeastern Turkey.


Ensuring the socialization of disabled people.


Protecting cultural heritage.