Quality of European Youth Work Project



With excellent and very successful programmes implemented over the years by various European institutions, the positions and possibilities of youth have greatly improved, giving the opportunity for mobility, meet new people, new cultures, learn and master new skills, gain new experiences and generally make them better equipped to tackle the adult world. However, it was seen that these institutions were stucked at some point.

Specific Objective

Improving the capacities and enable the aspirations of organizations and institutions so they can contribute to and benefit from carrying out higher quality projects.

Main Objective

Providing high quality education to the European youth.

Project's Details and Results

The project where Gelder is one of the partners has not been finalised. Meetings on the below given topics are held within the project.

  • Establish new standards of quality in future Erasmus+ projects.
  • Foster learning and exchange on key competences of project managers, trainers, youth workers and volunteers involved in future Erasmus+ projects.
  • Raise the level of understanding of the importance of recognition of youth work and non-formal education in general, and through the Erasmus+ Programme in particular.
  • Strengthen the impact of future Erasmus+ projects on communities towards which they are directed.
  • Further advance the quality and recognition of youth work on a European level.

Supporters and Partners