Lost Tales of Siirt



During our daily conversations in Siirt, we discovered that the new generations did not know any of the Siirt's old stories. Most of these stories were told in the Siirt Arabic, a local language that was almost forgotten and was a distinct cultural value of Siirt.

Specific Objective

Collecting the disappearing social memory of Siirt such as old fairy tales, myths and anecdotes and conveying them to future generations.

Main Objective

To preserve Siirt's cultural memory.

Project's Details and Results

Funded by the European Union and the National Agency in 2013, we made sure that the old memories of Siirt, events and tables were documented and passed on to the future generations. In the first stage, we interviewed many elderly people and documented the myths, tales, events and important events told by Siirt Arabic in Siirt downtown and in the provinces. We later translated them into Turkish.

Lessons Learned

We collected much less stories than we predicted because the young people who collected the stories did not receive any education on communication. Moroever, it was planned to publish a book in order to bring the tales together collected within the scope of the project. However we failed to find the sponsor to print such a book. Nevertheless, we overcome this gap by opening a Facebook page named Lost Tales of Siirt.

Supporters and Partners